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July 16 & 23, First Baptist Church of South Haven, South Haven, MI / Morning message

October 22 & 29, Bellevue Baptist, Bellevue, MI / Morning messages



The Rock @ 5 O’Clock, Martin United Methodist Church, Martin, MI

May 28, First Baptist Church, Allegan, MI / Morning message

June, Mon 26 – Thur 29 @ 7pm, First Baptist Church, Allegan, MI  /  Vacation Bible School

April 30, Allegan Assembly of God, Allegan, MI / Share The Crown Ministries presents Trusting God – 6pm Service

January 29 First Baptist Church of South Haven, South Haven, MI  /  Morning message


LENSES Sessions at  First Baptist Church of South Haven, South Haven, MI
Do I Matter? (Click to watch), November 13  /  Morning message
Can I Trust You?, November 20  /  Morning message

September 25  First Baptist Church of South Haven, South Haven, MI  /  Morning message

April 24 Allegan Assembly of God, Allegan, MI  /  Evening concert


January 9-11     Son-Life Camp & Retreat Center, Wayland, MI  / Snowbound 2015

Sun, Feb 22       Special music at First Baptist of Allegan


July 14-18     Son-Life Camp & Retreat Center, Wayland, MI  / Guest speaker at  “Junior Escape”

August 15, With Sojourn in concert at the Rock @ 5 Oclock, Martin, MI

Sunday, September, 14 @ 10 am –  Bethel Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, MI   (269) 381-2080


30-May10           Ocqueoc Baptist Church, Millersburg, MI
23-May-10          Lake Lansing Baptist, East Lansing, MI        (evening – sing)
16-May-10          Faith Baptist, Knoxville, IA                               (Teach, Preach & sing)
14-May-10          Parmenters in Concert, Mika’s Coffee Shop, Eureka, IL
12-May-10          Parmenters in Concert, Oakland Mills Community Church, Mnt Pleasant, IA
2-May-10          Victory Baptist, Eau Claire, WI                        (Preach & Music)
11-Apr-10           First Regular Baptist, Grant Park, IL               (Teach, Preach & Music)
18-Apr-10           Fellowship Baptist, Des Moines, IA                (Present & Music)
25-Apr-10           Maranatha Baptist, Shioctin, WI                      (Teach & Music)
14-Mar-10           Faith Baptist, Iowa City, IA                              (Teach, Preach & Music)
7-Mar-10           First Baptist, Brownsdale, MN                       (Sound System Assistance/Training)
7-Mar-10            Faith Baptist, Sauk Centre, MN                     (Teach, Preach  & Music)
28-Feb-10           Prairie Flower Baptist, Washington, IA         (Teach, Preach  & Music)
26&27 Feb          Men’s Leadership Conference, Blair Ridge Baptist, Cedar Rapids, IA  (Special Music)
21-Feb-10           Immanuel Baptist, Newton, IA                         (Teach, Preach  & Music)
31-Jan-10            Blair Ridge Baptist, Cedar Rapids, IA          (Special Music)
17-20 Jan-10      Orangeville Baptist, Plainwell, MI                   (Teach children & special music)


20-Dec-09          Bethel Baptist, Britton, MI                          (Christmas Concert)
22-Nov-09          Bethel Baptist, Britton, MI                          (teach, preach & music)
15-Nov-09          Bethel Mennonite, Wayland, IA                 (Concert)
15-Nov-09          Albia Baptist Temple, Albia, IA                  (teach, preach, music)
8-Nov-09            Grace Baptist, Waterloo, IA                       (preach, music)
1-Nov-09           Harrison Bible, Harrison, NE                     (teach, preach, music)
25-Oct-09           First Baptist, Nebraska City, NE              (Teach, preach, full concert)
18-Oct-09           Bonaparte Baptist, Bonaparte, IA (evening)     (preach, music)
18-Oct-09           Mt Ayr Regular Baptist, Mt Ayr, IA  (morning)    (teach, preach, music)
14-Oct-09           Cedar Street Baptist, Tipton, IA                (music)
11-Oct-09           Good News Baptist, Cedar Rapids, IA     (Children’s ministry, teach, preach, full concert)
4-Oct-09              First Baptist, Shell Rock, IA                       (Preach & music)
14-16 Sep-09     MARBC Conference, Cambridge, MN     (Special Music)
20-Sep-09           First Baptist, Brownsdale, MN                   (Teach Sunday School, Preach, Concert)
19-July-09           First Baptist, Bellevue, MI                           (Preach & music)
28-June-09         Pocahontas Regular Baptist, Pocahontas, IA  (Preach & concert)
21-June-09         Liberty Bible, Eureka, IL                               (Preach & music)
24-May-09          Volinia Baptist, Decatur, MI                        (Preach & music)
10-May-09          Heritage Baptist, Manistee, MI                  (Preach, children’s ministry & music)
26-Apr-09           First Baptist Temple, Oshkosh, WI           (Preach, music)
22-Mar-09           Heartland Baptist,, Bellevue, NE               (Preach & sing in evening service)
22-Mar-09           Calvary Church, Wahoo, NE                     (Teach Sunday School, present, preach, music)
20-Mar-09           Omaha Christian Academy, Omaha, NE    (Music and Teach Chapel)
19-Mar-09           Cornerstone Bible, Crete, NE                   (Preach, music)
18-Mar-09           Cornerstone Christian School, Bellevue, NE  (Music and Teach Chapel)
17-Mar-09           Caleb Club / Good News Baptist, Cedar Rapids, IA    (Special Music)
15-Mar-09           Grandview Community Church, Grandview, IA   (Teach Sunday School, preach, music)
7-Mar-09             Aetna Calvary, White Cloud, MI                (Special Music)
15-Feb-09          Fox River Baptist, Appleton, WI                (Special Music)
11-Jan-09           Faith Baptist, Posen, IL                             (Special Music)
4-Jan-09             Devon Church, Chicago, IL                       (Lead Worship, preach & Special Music)


16-Nov-08         Calvary Baptist Bible, Peoria, IL              (Special Music)
12-Nov-08         58th Avenue Baptist, Cicero, IL                (Special Music)
2-Nov-08           Providence Baptist, Pageland, SC          (Special Music)
26-Oct-08         Pomona Bible, Copemish, MI                   (Special Music)
5-Oct-08           Bethlehem Baptist, Kalamazoo, MI           (Teach & Music)
30-Sep-08 and 1-Oct-08  Calvary Baptist, Ludington, MI (Teach & Music)
28-Sep-08        Community Bible Fellowship, Aledo, IL    (Teach & Music)
29-June-08       Alaska Baptist, Caledonia, MI                   (Teach & Music)
30-Apr-08         Heritage Baptist Academy, Kalamazoo, MI   (Teach)
20-Apr-08         Bethel Baptist, Kalamazoo, MI                  (Preach)
13-Apr-08         East Arlington Baptist, Lawrence, MI       (Teach, Presentation & Music)
9-Mar-08           Heartland Baptist, Bellevue, NE               (Teach, Presentation & Music)
19 & 20 Jan-08  Devon Church, Chicago, IL                     (Reset Sound System, Present, Preach, Music)


3 & 4 Nov-07      Devon Church, Chicago, IL                     (Sound Principals Seminar, Preach, Music)
28-Oct-07           River of Life, Warsaw, IN                         ( Preach, Music)
29-Sep-07          Covenant Community Church, Redford, MI  (Music)
15-Sep-07          LaGrange Church of God, LaGrange, IN   (Music)

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